Survival Bracelet w/"original" survival buckle - As seen on TV!!
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Own one just like Les used!  This is an exact replica of the Survival Pod Bracelet that Les Stroud used in the Survivorman 2014 Premier Episode in Grenada.  As Les stated  in this episode "I'm  a big fan of any survival item that you can wear on your body carry with you easily and not have to put in a pack." -Les Stroud    The life-saving gear carried in the Life Support Survival POD Bracelet can be worn comfortably on the wrist of anyone.  Of course the Life Support Ultimate Survival Paracord Bracelet can also be clipped to a backpack, purse, belt loop, hiking pole, thrown in a tackle box or carried in an endless number of ways if the user chooses.  Included within each Bracelet’s Survival POD are products that were selected and tested to improve your odds of survival in an emergency situation, whether it be in the wilderness, at sea, or even in an urban emergency setting. You never know when and how a situation may arise that could place you at risk, but it cannot be denied that the people who are most prepared to deal with extreme circumstances will be most likely to survive or even thrive during them. Whether you are out hiking, backpacking, kayaking, camping, hunting, fishing, boating, or even in your own backyard, you should always be prepared with one of our Paracord Survival Pod Bracelets handcrafted in the USA.POD Includes

  • 14-15 ft +/- 550lb 7 Strand Paracord
  • 1 Plastic side release buckle with Compass
  • Aluminum Foil approx 6” square
  • 8' Snare wire
  • 10' Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • 20' Fishing Line (6 - 10 lb test)
  • 1 Rubber/Plastic Fishing Lure (size and type may vary)
  • 2 Split Shot and 2 Fishing Hooks (Size and type may vary)
  • 3 Water Proof Matches and striker
  • Char cord/Char cloth

Our Survival Bracelets vary in size…see sizing information below.

Please Select Size and Color while ordering.

Standard shipping applies.

Our paracord survival bracelets come in standard sizes from XS to XXL but larger sizes can be made upon request.  XS and S sizes are only available with standard small buckles.  
To estimate the size of the survival bracelet that will fit you best, you should measure your wrist loosely...but without the location where the bracelet will be worn.  
This can be done most easily with a flexible measuring tape, but it can also be easily done by using any string or pliable material and then measuring this against a ruler or measuring tape.  
It is important to take the measurement as closely and accurately as possible because small variations do make a significant difference in sizing.  
The following estimations should fit firmly but comfortably.  If you are in between sizes we suggest you go with the larger size and if you prefer a loose fitting survival bracelet you should also go up one size.

XS  - Measurements 6" or less
S    -      6 1/2"  to    6 3/4"
M    -     6 3/4"  to    7"
L     -     7"        to    7 1/2"
XL   -    7 1/2"  to    8"
2XL -    8"       to     8 3/4”

3XL –   8 3/4” to 9 1/2"

4XL -    9 1/2" to 10 1/2”

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone and we will do our best to help get you the right fit for your paracord survival bracelet.

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Survival Bracelet w/"original" survival buckle - As seen on TV!!

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